Orchard Mall

Orchard Mall is at the heart of Phase 4 of the Bahria Orchard complex, which includes amenities, schools, cinemas, and an international hospital (Saudi German). An imperishable asset, guaranteed to increase in value with ROI beyond 10%

Key Features

  • A Growing Urban Hub in a Rising Area
  • Bahria’s Luxury Lifestyle with Q-links’ Expertise and Quality
  • 150,000 sqft with 340+ Shops & 5 Kiosk
  • Guaranteed Rental Income with ROI beyond 10%
  • Rising Property Value
  • Unparalleled Environment of Luxe and Leisure
  • Modern Architecture
  • Massive Lobby
  • Basement: Premium Aslam Supermarket
  • First Floor: Wedding Arena
  • Second Floor: Kids Arena
  • Third Floor: IT Market
  • Fourth Floor: Luxury Hotel Apartments
  • Establish or Promote Your Own Brand
  • Expert Assistance in Acquiring Franchises and Landing