Guide Of Lahore Sky Payment Plan

Lahore Sky Payment Plan

Lahore Sky emerges as a beacon of luxury and convenience in the heart of Lahore, a city where dreams transform into reality. Its innovative four-year payment plan introduces an opportunity that seamlessly blends accessible investment opportunities with diverse financial preferences. This venture is a testament to the modern architecture and lifestyle it promotes and reflects the commitment of OZ developers to provide affordable and flexible investment options. Standing on the iconic Main Ferozepur road, Lahore Sky has become a landmark of opportunity and growth in the bustling city.

Lahore Sky Payment Plan:

Lahore Sky offers a distinctive payment plan catering to residential and commercial investors. This plan clearly indicates Lahore Sky’s dedication to flexibility and convenience, presenting a structured approach to investment that accommodates various investor needs. The payment plan is designed to support the investor’s journey, ensuring a hassle-free experience with options for 48 monthly installments, investing in Lahore’s skyline attractive and attainable.

Commercial Payment Plan:

The commercial payment plan at Lahore Sky highlights its commitment to providing investors with a range of options to suit their commercial needs. Commercial spaces are available from the ground floor to the sixth floor, featuring amenities and options such as Main Boulevard, Standard, Facing Atrium, and Facing 60 Ft. Each sector offers different areas and prices, catering to a diverse range of business requirements. The fourth floor is a hub of activity with a vibrant food court, while the fifth and sixth floors are dedicated to offices and IT parks, all under a payment plan that spreads the financial commitment over 48 months.

Ground Floor

1st Floor:

2nd Floor:

3rd Floor:

4th Floor:(Food Court)

5th and 6th Floor:(Office & IT Park)

Residential Payment Plan:

For those seeking a slice of paradise in Lahore, the residential payment plan of Lahore Sky offers an unbeatable combination of luxury, flexibility, and financial accessibility. Apartments are available from the 11th to 14th floors, with the pinnacle of luxury lifestyle waiting on the 17th floor, where penthouses offer unparalleled views and amenities. A 20% down payment is all it takes to secure a piece of this residential haven, with the balance payable through 40 monthly installments and 8 bi-annual installments, embodying the essence of flexibility and convenience that Lahore Sky stands for.

11th to 14th Floor:

15th & 16th Floor:(Penthouse)

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